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 Choral Workshops 

Workshops for Conductors and Music Educators


Consonare's mission is to build community through choral music in Connecticut and we would like to offer opportunities to also help support choral conductors/directors who are leading music ensembles across the state to inspire the next generation of conductors through technique exploration and skill development.  


We are offering engaging, enlightening, and hands-on choral workshops that are accessible to empower all conductors and music educators to grow in their craft. Created initially for those who a multi-day conference or workshop isn't feasible (due to work, family life, etc.), but all are welcome and encouraged to participate!


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 Fall 2022 

Inclusive Choral Formations Workshop

Leader of Workshop:   Sarah Kaufold, conductor

Workshop Ensemble:  Choir Matrix

Date:   Sunday, October 16, 2022 from 3:00-5:00pm

Location:    Storrs Congregational Church in Storrs

Fall '22

Workshop Description:


After learning pitches, rhythm, expression and vocal technique, the goal of a choir is to produce good collective sound.  This sound is often expressed in such terms as blend, balance, timbre, good intonation – all of which are based on acoustics.  When directors detect an issue with the choral sound, the feedback given to the choir may be to subtract from the sound, such as limit vibrato or quiet the singer whose voice is sticking out, to achieve the desired “blend”.

 Through an inclusive and empowering hands-on approach, this inclusive choral formations workshop will share the benefits of adding to the choral sound by exploring the role of acoustics and illustrating inclusive choral formation techniques (i.e., choir standing positions and placement).

Workshop attendees will be asked to participate in the process, but will not be asked to sing (unless they want to!) as we will have Choir Matrix (a community choral ensemble) to demonstrate the techniques.

To participate in this workshop:


The cost to attend this workshop is $20; however, we do offer fee-waivers for anyone experiencing financial hardship.  

****Pre-registration to ensure a seat at this workshop will be available on this website here at the end of July.

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 Winter 2023 

Healthy Conducting Workshop

Leader of Workshop:   Sarah Kaufold, conductor

Workshop Ensemble:  Voices of Concinnity

Date:  Saturday, February 11, 2023 (snow date: Sun. 2/12) - 3:00pm-7:00pm

Location:   Greater Hartford area

Workshop Description:


The challenge of growing as a conductor is having an ensemble where we can practice conducting techniques and experiment with the sound our gesture is eliciting. This aural feedback is key to improving our conducting skills; however, many directors haven’t conducted much over the pandemic or lack time to practice conducting with looming performances.  

This 4-hour Healthy Conducting Workshop will serve all levels of conductors by exploring hands-on how our gestural language informs the overall vocal sound and healthy singing of our ensembles.  

The conductors selected for the masterclass portion will have the opportunity to conduct Voices of Concinnity, a 12-voice professional chamber ensemble, and receive a video recording of their conducting (see the levels of participation below).

To participate in this workshop:


There will be three levels of participation:  masterclass conductors, class conductors, and auditors.  

  • Masterclass Conductors: will workshop the healthy conducting techniques through leading the class conductors and conducting Voices of Concinnity (video of conductor will be provided afterward).  Must apply to be selected and have significant conducting experience (marginalized conductors are encouraged to apply)

  • Class Conductors: will sing for the masterclass conductors to kinesthetically engage with the healthy conducting techniques and work in small groups.  Must reserve your seat and excellent for all level of conductors.

  • Auditor:  will only participate through observation and open to everyone.  Advanced reservation is recommended.

The cost to participate is currently being determined as we apply for grant funds to make this workshop accessible to all.
****The application to participate in this workshop will be available on this page asap.