Voices of Concinnity is a 12-voice professional ensemble of dedicated, seasoned choral artists from diverse backgrounds who strive to cultivate the art of chamber ensemble singing in Connecticut.

Our mission is to connect with the community through exquisitely crafted, living choral music that fosters inclusion with innovative and collaborative programming, explores representation in choral music, and ensures affordable access to quality performances and programs for all.

Their sound described as "silky smooth butter in musical form" by an audience member, Voices of Concinnity works to maximize overtones and unity of sound to create a harmonious, artful landscape of voices.  The word "concinnity" means the harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something, which encompasses our approach to ensemble singing. 


Directed by Sarah Kaufold, Voices of Concinnity was founded in 2018 to help create affordable access for the community to experience professional-level vocal chamber music.  Through the performance of choral music from the Renaissance to the contemporary, Concinnity is dedicated to fulfilling our mission, even during the pandemic. 


Concinnity is the recipient of 2020 Alfred Nash Patterson Grant through Choral Arts New England.




Evensong Service -- February 2020:

Anglican Chant (Bairstow) - Voices of Concinnity
Magnificat-Dorian (Tallis)-Voices of Concinnity

Singing through the Pandemic

Being an artist in the time of COVID-19 has been a struggle and a difficult transition.  There is no replacement for live singing and music-making.  Yet, Voices of Concinnity has committed to adapting and continuing to explore creative ways to sing together and share beautiful music with others during this time of social distancing and isolation.  

Voices of Concinnity partnered with composer Cheryl Engelhardt in late March to explore creating a choral composition that expressed the feelings of our singers while in isolation.  This composition was recorded remotely by the singers, in a layering fashion to mimic as closely as possible the impression of all of Concinnity singing together.


Check out the interview this song is featured in with Lucy Napathancil on NPR's "Where we Live" HERE.

Voices of Concinnity embarked on an experiment this summer to sing outside while masked and distanced in some unconventional spaces so we can #keepsinging and maintain the true essence of ensemble singing.  This virtual series of live recordings will feature selections from Voices of Concinnity's upcoming 2020-21 program "Woven Skies".  

To learn more about our Unconventional Space Series, click here.

Singing outside has a number of challenges (rain, wind, birds, to name a few), but nothing can replicate the incredible experience of singing as an ensemble in real time.  Even with the imposition of wearing a face mask, the true of essence of ensemble singing can still be explored during this pandemic.  Listen to this recording made of Victoria's "O magnum mysterium" while it was raining -- the singers still communicate despite the masks and there is a slight overtone that sounds at the end.  These beautiful moments are not possible in virtual remote recording setting.


Our Musicians

Erin Bartram, Samuel Beckwith, Liz Bologna, Kara Hart, Christopher Hartel, Sarah Kaufold,

Brian Jones, Erica Maas Shippee, Daniel Pavone, Alex Walker, Jermaine Woodard, Jr.

scroll through above to meet our musicians

Sarah Kaufold, Artistic Director

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Supported in part by an Alfred Nash Patterson Grant from Choral Arts New England.

Cultivating consonance and building community

through choral music in Connecticut.

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