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Voices of Concinnity

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Concinnity's Debut Album 

We recorded our debut album in September 2023 thanks to the many generous donors who helped support that portion of the album project.  

Our album, Awaiting Golden Light, will be produced on the Navona Records label through Parma Recordings.


Listen to a preview of the album here:


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"Voices of Concinnity finds connection through universal experiences on AWAITING GOLDEN LIGHT. Based in Connecticut, the inclusive professional vocal ensemble melded each singer’s unique vocal qualities into the richness of choral sound for this project. Seeking connection through the isolation of a global pandemic, their members took inspiration from gazing at the glowing moon, experiencing the renewal of a new golden sunrise, anticipating wonder at the perseverance of a bulb blooming in spring, and finding solace in shining stars after the loss of a beloved. With this Navona Records release, the ensemble invites listeners to draw their eyes up toward the heavens and out beyond the horizon to find meaning."

"Voices of Concinnity remains my favorite group.  I am always transcended to a place of peace, reflection, or joy."

Regina, audience member

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Many thanks to all our amazing donors. Funds are still needed to complete the project.  Please consider having supporting this album by donating below.



Concert Live Recordings

"It may be" by Brian JonesConcinnity
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If you would like more videos, you can access them on our YouTube Channel by clicking the link here --->
"The video is beautiful!  Absolutely glorious!  Thank you so much for giving Alma this wonderful visibility."

Edie Hill, composer of "Alma beata et Bella" after release of the concert video


2023-24 Concert Series

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Voices of Concinnity

Voices of Concinnity is our 12-voice professional vocal ensemble of dedicated, seasoned choral artists from diverse backgrounds who strive to cultivate the art of chamber ensemble singing.

Our mission is to connect with the community through exquisitely crafted, innovative choral programming that fosters inclusion, promotes collaboration, illuminates variety, and ensures affordable access.

Through the performance of choral music dating from the Renaissance to the contemporary, Concinnity is dedicated to illuminating the breadth of choral repertoire, including works by historically excluded and living composers, to connect with all in the community. Concinnity focuses on individual expression within a unity of sound to create a harmonious, artful landscape of voices.  

"This group blends so well and breathes as one. The quality of voices and music selection is extraordinary."

Review from an audience member "Concinnity by Candlelight 2021



Voices of Concinnity was founded in 2018 by Sarah Kaufold to help create affordable access for the community to experience professional-level choral music and to curate an ensemble with flexible rehearsal schedules to include singers with varying career and family commitments. The word "concinnity" means the harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something, which encompasses our approach to ensemble singing. 

In the past 6 years, we have performed over 36 live performances, including on the stage at Carnegie Hall, at state and regional conferences for the American Choral Directors Association, and many CT museums. We have collaborated with numerous ensembles, including the Hartt School and The Choir School of Hartford. We actively support the creation of new choral music by commissioning composers and creating the Choral Composer Amplify Project to help composers record their work. We actively seek to present balanced programming, where out of the 115 songs we have performed to date, over 50% were by living composers and 35% composed by women.


"Voices of Concinnity remains my favorite group.  I am always transcended to a place of peace, reflection, or joy."

Regina, audience member


Who is Concinnity?