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Would you sing outside with others this summer?

It has been a long year since many of us sung together in the same physical space.  As the vaccine rollout broadens and the weather warms, we exploring the possibility of singing outside.  If we were to hold an outdoor COMMUNITY SUMMER SING where we present a well-known choral work that everyone present can sing along with (in socially spaced pods), would you feel comfortable attending?  If so, what choral work(s) would you like for us to sing?


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Would you sing outside with others this summer?

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We will update this website when plans are finalized.

Consonare Community Choir is a new, special singing opportunity we are sponsoring for ALL singers in the community to sing a choral masterwork together.  Even those with busy schedules will have the opportunity to participate.   Starting in January 2020, we will be collaborating with the Willimantic Orchestra, also a community organization, to present a collaborative, community performance that has been postponed to 2021 at the Concert Hall at Eastern Connecticut State University.  This opportunity is available to all singers in the community (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass).  The goal is the bring the community together in song and to bridge the arts through connecting two community music programs.