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Consonare Choral Community



Consonare Community Choir

Consonare Community Choir is a mixed voice ensemble open to all singers with no audition that collaborates with an instrumental ensemble in the spring.


Our mission is to cultivate the joy of choral singing through an accessible rehearsal model (i.e., fewer rehearsals to fit your schedule) and connecting through other artistic disciplines.


We encourage those with children to join us as we have a tandem youth choral program (Consonare Youth Choirs) that rehearses at the same time. High school singers ages 14 and up are invited to sing with Cosnonare Community Choir.  Directed by Sarah Kaufold.

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Flexible rehearsal options to fit your life

To promote inclusion in Consonare Community Choir, we... 

  • offer choral opportunities where all singers are welcome and no audition is necessary

  • strive to offer participation at a low cost for all or no cost for those experiencing financial hardships

  • provide additional music learning resources and offer extra rehearsals for new singers to ensure artistic excellence for all

  • divide our choral season into short sessions with the intention of allowing those singers with busy schedules the opportunity to participate​​

This choir rehearses in the spring, March 30, 2024.  Details for the 2024-25 season will be announced soon.

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