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Consonare Choral Community is a nonprofit choral arts organization created in 2018 to build community through choral music in Connecticut. 

Meet the Team

Consonare has a vibrant team of musicians, board members, and vounteers to help us build community together through choral music.

Explore our Mission

Our mission is to build community through choral music in  Connecticut through the sponsorship of a number of choral ensembles.

Collaboration & Partnerships
Quartet CCC.jpg

We are grateful for the many collaborations and partnerships engage in each year, as well as the support from granting organizations.

What is "consonare"?  

"Consonance" is an accord or agreement and in music it is combination of tones we find pleasing, creating a unity of sound.  The word is derived from the Latin word "con-son-are" (to sound together).


Consonare Choral Community is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered with the IRS

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