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Call for Scores for the Choral Composer Amplify Project (CCAP)

This fall 2021, Consonare Choral Community put out a "Call for Scores" seeking emerging composers from all backgrounds and traditions to submit their composition(s) for the Choral Composer Amplify Project. The Choral Composer Amplify Project (CCAP) is an initiative lead by Consonare's artistic director, Sarah Kaufold, that will provide fair and equitable access for emerging composers to have their choral compositions recorded by a professional choral ensemble.

The goal of this project is to ensure all voices are being amplified within the choral community and increase access for emerging composers to have their music recorded and performed.

We received compositions from over twenty composers. We have a professional panel of judges from diverse musical backgrounds to help narrow down the compositions to be recorded.

Sarah Kaufold - Conductor and Artistic Director of Consonare Choral Community

Dr. Carolina Flores - Conductor of the Manchester Symphony Chorale and Manchester Community College

Jermaine Woodard, Jr. - Professional Baritone across Connecticut, including Voices of Concinnity

Dr. Ellen Voth - Conductor and Composer

Lisa Williamson - Professional Soprano and Voice Professor

Up to eight successful compositions will be selected by our panel to be recorded by our professional vocal chamber ensemble, Voices of Concinnity, and the chosen composers will receive an honorarium for their work. Our initial plan was to have the chosen compositions recorded and performed in January 2022. However, due to the current public health crisis with the pandemic, we have canceled this performance to ensure the safety of all involved - performers and audience alike. Voices of Concinnity will plan to create a studio recording of the works in early spring 2022.

The chosen compositions will be announced in the beginning of February 2022.


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