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The Unconventional Space Project is intended to explore what it means to make art in the current moment, singing in some unconventional spaces as inspiration to respond to this pandemic and #keepsinging.  This virtual series of live recordings will feature selections from Voices of Concinnity's planned 2020-21 program "Woven Skies" recorded outside while masked/distanced.

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Green Witty Clover St.Patricks Day Insta

Join us this March 17th!

Concinnity recorded a beautiful Irish song "Mo Ghile Mear" outside this March to share with you.

We will Raise a Song along with some other local musicians, which can be accessed starting at 4:00pm on St. Patrick's Day on our page dedicated for this event here.

What is the Unconventional Space Project?

Voices of Concinnity had planned to perform a program for the 2020-21 season called  "Woven Skies: songs to reflect our shared humanity" which has been re-imagined in light of the pandemic where we are recording portions of this program outside while masked/distanced in unusual places for singers.  This Unconventional Space Project allows us to share small glimpses of our Woven Skies program virtually with the community while we await the opportunity to sing to live audiences once again. 

 When are feeling down, we are often compelled to look up.  The orbits and paths of celestial beings are intertwined and intersect, much like the threads of fabric.  We all look up at the same stars and rely on the gift of the same sun. In a time when we are consumed with uncertainty in our lives, sometimes we need only to gaze up to be reminded of our shared humanity.

Unconventional Space:  Music and Connection in Twain's World and in Ours

Voices of Concinnity was honored to participate in a new program as part of our Unconventional Space Project with the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT.  The panel discussion also introduced the museum’s new music education program “Make Music With Mark Twain,” and premiere a new recording of “Good Night, Dear Heart” by Dan Forrest, a setting of the poem inscribed on Susy Clemens’ headstone, which Voices of Concinnity recorded masked/safely distanced on the porch of the Mark Twain House this past fall.

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To watch the full conversation, click here

Singing for audiences in the way we have been trained and accustomed in indoor performance halls or churches is not possible at this time due to the pandemic.  But live music-making and ensemble singing is a remarkable art that we want to continue to cultivate.  Enjoy our first experiments singing outside below, as well as a video of some of the challenges.