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Voices of Concinnity will be sharing a beautiful song sung in Irish recorded outside (while masked/distanced) this March to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day here:

We have invited other ensembles to share their work here with us and with all of you.  We may not be able to sing together, but we can still build community through music and RAISE A SONG .   All of the videos will be revealed here on Wednesday, March 17th at 4:00pm Bookmark this page and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified when the video drops.

Enjoy some Irish music performed by some of our friends and local performers:

"O Danny Boy"

performed by Canton High School 


performed on/arranged for Irish Harp by Debbie Vinick

"Four Green Fields" and "Minstrel Boy"

performed by Ruth O'Neil and Jim Hammitt

"The Orphan" as a Lunch Break Loop

performed by Lindsay Clark

Be sure to subscribe to all these YouTube channels above so that you can continue to enjoy the content these great musicians create.

If you are a local musician/ensemble that would like to have your recording of an Irish tune featured here this March, please email Sarah.

Thank you for raising a song with us!!

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