Conductor's Collective 

Attention Choral Conductors:

The pandemic has hindered a number of choral directors from actually conducting the ensembles with which we work in real-time and space.


Later this spring and summer, we will be hosting a group for choral conductors of any type of ensemble (school, church, collegiate, community, etc.) to refresh our gestural language.  This "Conductor's Collective" will be held outside while everyone is masked/distanced in the Greater Hartford area.  

Conductors will sing and conduct for one another to give each conductor the opportunity to become reacquainted with our craft.  The main benefit will be receiving aural feedback from the choir of conductors to your gesture, as well as helpful guidance and suggestions from the collective.


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We plan to hold 4-5 sessions, depending on the availability of those conductors participating (dates/times will be determined via group poll).

This support group for choral conductors will be facilitated by Sarah Kaufold and Liz Miller.  If you should have any questions, please contact Sarah at

 There will be a very low cost to participate (less than $25 total for all sessions) to cover any rental fees of outdoor pavilions or to supply an accompanist, if requested (to be determined).