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 Conductor Collective 

Resources for Choral Conductors


Consonare's mission is to build community through choral music in Connecticut and we would like to offer opportunities to also help support choral conductors/directors who are leading music ensembles across the state to inspire the next generation of conductors through technique exploration and skill development.  


Choral Workshops

We are offering choral workshops for choral directors and music educators to give opportunities in Connecticut to improve skills with hands-on opportunities. 


Choral Repertoire Resources

Diversifying the choral repertoire performed in our choral ensembles and taught in our music education classrooms can be a daunting task because the repertoire is not always easily found. Here are some resources that you can add to your programming regiment.

Choral Composer Amplify Project (CCAP)

Our Voices of Concinnity engaged in a project in early 2022 to help amplify the works of composer through providing a recording of their new works.