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Live Plein-air Performances 

Spring/Summer 2021

We are venturing outside to explore what it means to make art in the current moment, using the plein air movement as inspiration to emerge from isolation with song.  In painting, “plain air” is a technique that depicts the transformation of an outdoor scene under the constantly changing quality of natural light. As singers, the richness and uncertainty of nature has become part of our new choral landscape as the pandemic has drawn us outside to gather safely.  


To acknowledge the struggles endured by singers as choirs were silenced during the pandemic, Concinnity will explore the diametrically opposed through song as a representation of the varying and ever-changing quality of our experiences of this past year.  “From Silence to Song” will feature part-songs from diverse array of composers, such as Elaine Hagenberg, Vittoria Aleotti, Claude Debussy, Reena Esmail, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Cheryl Engelhardt, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and more on themes of love, singing, nature, and the promise of spring.

One of our performances will be a SUMMER SING where the audience is invited to sing with Concinnity on a number of the selections.

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2021-2022 Season

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The orbits and paths of celestial beings are intertwined and intersect, much like the threads of fabric.  We all look up at the same stars and rely on the gift of the same sun. In a time when we are consumed with strife in our lives, sometimes we need only to look up to be reminded of our shared humanity.

This Woven Skies program was intended to be performed by Voices of Concinnity for the 2020-21 season.  Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone this program.  Although we have presented a few selections of this program virtually in our Unconventional Space Series, we are anticipating being able to present this program for our 2021-22 Season.  Stay tuned for dates and details.

Past Performances