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Come find beauty amid darkness at the second annual “Concinnity by Candlelight” holiday concerts featuring Connecticut's versatile professional chamber choir, Voices of Concinnity.


This special candlelit concert will feature beautiful holiday music favorites and soon-to-be favorites, sung by Voices of Concinnity  and the audience.

(Reviews from last year's concert are below.)

  A candlelit evening of exquisitely sung holiday music, filled with warmth and mystery, awaits.

Tickets for Concinnity by Candlelight Concerts

  • When music allows us to feel...MOVED | Concinnity
    Sat, Apr 29
    St. Bernard Church in Vernon
    Apr 29, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM EDT
    St. Bernard Church in Vernon, 25 St Bernard's Terrace, Vernon, CT 06066, USA
    Experience an immersive concert that explores how music affects us through the engaging and moving choral performance by Voices of Concinnity.
Audience Reviews from last year's Concinnity by Candlelight:
"A joyful, heart warming experience which brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully blended voices singing lovely, well-chosen selections." --  Mary
"Voices like I imagine angels might sound. Thoroughly enjoyable." -- Bobbi
"This group blends so well and breathes as one. The quality of voices and music selection is extraordinary."
"Concinnity presented me with a wonderful treat for the season--their voices lifted in renditions of the songs of the season. They were superb!  I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves excellent choral music."
"You will be enraptured by the magic of Voices of Concinnity! I attended this concert, hearing Concinnity for the first time. I expected a nice performance, but hearing their outstanding harmonies, clear articulation, and dynamic range blew me away and brightened my day and upcoming weeks indelibly. It is obvious, to me, that the choir members listen to one another and are in perfect sync with each other. Thank you all for uniting us with the beauty of music and the captivating combination of your precious voices!" -Jason 
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