The Choral Composer Amplify Project (CCAP) is an initiative lead by our artistic director, Sarah Kaufold, that will provide fair and  equitable access for emerging composers to have their choral compositions performed and recorded by a professional choral ensemble.

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We are seeking emerging composers from all backgrounds and traditions to submit their composition(s) for the Choral Composer Amplify Project (CCAP).  The goal of this project is to ensure all voices are being amplified within the choral community and increase access for emerging composers to have their music recorded and performed. 


Up to eight successful compositions will be recorded by our professional vocal chamber ensemble, Voices of Concinnity, and planned to be performed at the Conncinity Vault concert on January 29th in Hebron, CT.  We are currently working to also secure a small stipend to be awarded the composers of the chosen compositions.


We have a professional panel of judges from diverse musical backgrounds to help narrow down the compositions to be recorded.

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